Alberta Party Brand – One that you can own!

We have been sitting on our new brand package for some time now, and I am excited to be able to share it with you today. The brand was created by Dennis Lenarduzzi, an amazing designer from Torch Design. As a mostly volunteer-led start-up, we would have never been able to afford to pay for the professional branding work done by Dennis and our communications team. The brand result exemplifies what can happen when people pour their passion into something,not for the money, and the work speaks for itself.

The thought that went into the meaning of the new brand was amazing, and it combines the spirit of Alberta’s heritage, with our foundation of listening and respect for every Albertans voice.

Alberta Party Logo Basis

My favourite part of this brand strategy, is the ‘Speech Bubble”.  The pull-apart element of the logo will become part of how our supporters will be able to make this brand their own. The number of ways that this can become personalized to each member, constituency association, community or neighborhood, are endless. Possibilities include:

  • Street-art
  • Customizable local logos
  • “Graffiti” and Publicly customizable pieces
  • Bumper Stickers, pins, t-shirts, etc
  • Social media avatars


How will you customize the "Speech Bubbles"?