One Vote Matters

The power of one vote is as meaningless or meaningful as you want to make it. Today when I voted for Alberta Party candidate Julia Necheff in Edmonton Whitemud, it was most meaningful to me indeed.

Julia Necheff - Alberta Party Candidate - Edmonton Whitemud

Our votes, often feel insignificant amongst the thousands alongside them, regardless of which side of the popularity you may be on. Without a doubt in the last 20 years of voting, none of my votes have made the singular difference; how many actually have? So for this reason, you might think your vote is meaningless.

But I have always seen my vote as something of great personal responsibility and one of a few things that fill me with real civic pride and thankfulness. Not as much because it will determine an outcome, as more because it reinforces my personal belief in the process which society chose to allow us all to get along and make decisions. A single vote may have little impact; but a society that respects its democratic process and our humanity, which believes in the power of the whole; that is why I vote.

Voting is a privilege, and every time I do it, I walk away from a polling station filled with pride and thankfulness for even having the opportunity.

So I’ll be damned if I am going to vote for a party I don’t believe in, to prevent another party I don’t believe in, from forming government. My vote, as a personal reflection of myself, means everything to me in that context.

My vote for Julia, and the Alberta Party, reinforces my belief in choosing to vote for a positive future, which is inclusive, positive and hopeful. One where Alberta can be the best for the World. My vote for Julia was a rejection of the losing concept that is “Strategic Voting”.

Julia is a wonderful person who has sacrificed much to help propel the Alberta Party into the mainstream. The Party has been a passion of mine since 2009. As one of the founding members of the party during it’s reinvention, I have wanted to help build an alternative that can find the common ground amongst Albertans, built on common sense principles. Giving Julia my vote today, was my way of recognizing that there is potential in all of this.

Win or lose, my vote will be no more singularly important than in elections past. But, it will be meaningful to me. And THAT is the reason we should be voting.

Our Party has a long way to go; but soon it is going to be the moderate choice for Alberta as the existing centrist alternative parties (The PC’s and Liberals) have lost their ability to innovate. Regardless of what happens on Monday, the Progressive Conservative Party no longer has a cohesive vision for Alberta beyond grasping onto its power. The Alberta Liberals suffer from an even greater problem; their many good ideas are hindered by a brand that simply won’t sell in most of the Province; and sadly many of their people are married to this brand, even in exchange for any chance of forming government.

As ideal as I can be about politics, I am realistic about one thing. If you want real and meaningful change at any level of government, your Party needs to gain power. Government may be out of reach of the Alberta Party this election, but I think it will be the only real alternative to the hard-right conservative battle being waged by the Wildrose Party and parts of the Conservatives.

It’s this future reality, combined with my belief that you must vote FOR something as opposed to AGAINST something, which leaves me feeling good about my single, purposeful vote.

Please don’t waste yours.