Finally.. my words arrive on Newtown

The massacre of 20 children and 6 of their trusted overseer’s in a public setting like a school: impossible to process.

It’s so easy to fall in hate with this new World. I have been wiping my eyes and wondering what is wrong with us. I have watched with sorrow and confusion as we attack each other on complicated issues. I wretch in thinking the solutions are too far from our grasp.

I have also thought I hated the politics of the thing.

But then I realized that these are the moments when we need politicians more than any other. These are the crisis moments when our leaders earn every penny, and then some, to lead us.

These are the times for remarkable movement in social legislation. These are the moments we have big-hearted discussions about proactive mental healthcare and where firearms really fit in a modern society.

To the politicians… don’t fuck this up. Seize the sentiment of the people, to make change.

It’s the only good that can come of this. Lasting change, where we can look back and say, we transformed as a society.