Win House III Shelter – A Homeward Trust Priority

Tonight after sharing a trending newspaper article about the closure of the WIN III Shelter for Women, it was brought to my attention that the Government is working to assist it in staying open, or at least finding a way for these services to continue operation.

Specifically, it looks like Minister David Hancock had addressed these concerns in the legislature on October 31st (see Hansard), and all efforts are being made by the local agency charged with these challenges (Homeward Trust) to help them. See the outtake:

“Mr. Wilson: Actions are louder than words, Mr. Speaker.
Considering that the WIN III shelter is merely days away from
closing its doors permanently, services a unique demographic of
women in a culturally sensitive fashion, is the only one of its kind
in Alberta, and has a very high success rate, to the same minister:
what further criteria would this shelter possibly need to meet in
order to receive funding from your ministry?

The Speaker: The hon. Minister of Human Services.

Mr. Hancock: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Well, the budget aspect
actually is in Human Services because we all work together in that
area. But I want to assure this hon. member and members of the
House that when the federal grant for the WIN III shelter was cut
in June, they approached us, and we’ve been working with them
ever since. We lined them up with Homeward Trust to make an
application for ongoing funding, and they received approval from
Homeward Trust for that ongoing funding. They’re working
together now on the conditions of that funding. Why they
determined that they should make a public announcement of
closing their doors in the midst of that process is beyond me.”

I have a moral obligation to rebut my own tweets and reinforce what I now understand is a priority of government and Homeward Trust to help the WIN III to stay operational.

It’s too bad that the newspaper article was published seemingly early, without someone being asked to clarify that this is in fact a government priority and to recognize the continued hard work of Homeward Trust.

I am happily standing corrected and maintain my faith in Homeward Trust and the great work they are doing to help our disadvantaged.