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A disappointing day for Alberta

Everything that is wrong about Alberta Politics was on display today as the Premier fought off more internal party fighting and her Deputy Premier Dave Hancock, was left to be a spokesperson for. In many ways I admire how hard-working and loyal Minister Hancock is to his party, constituency and leader. He is one hell of a listener. But his loyalty has stretched to a fault. In trying to defend his leader... read more

The Tale of Two Leaders

Today served me a reminder of what leadership should look like. I have an ideal for leaders. It revolves around three key standards I personally wish to be judged on, and frankly for which I hope our Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and our Premier Allison Redford to subscribe to. Leaders should be: Humble. Authentic. Servant Leaders. My Don Iveson Leadership Observation: You can read an interesting post here, by... read more

Make Something Wildrose?

If you have read this blog anytime over the last 4 years, you know that I have been pretty tough on the Wildrose Party. Never have I been that critical of their Leader Danielle Smith, as she has been effective at staying on message about their fiscal conservative message. What has caused my concern stems largely from the supporters who have defined their social conservative culture. At one event hosted by... read more

Win House III Shelter – A Homeward Trust Priority

Tonight after sharing a trending newspaper article about the closure of the WIN III Shelter for Women, it was brought to my attention that the Government is working to assist it in staying open, or at least finding a way for these services to continue operation. Specifically, it looks like Minister David Hancock had addressed these concerns in the legislature on October 31st (see Hansard), and all efforts... read more

Could the Alberta PC’s complete a much-needed Extreme Makeover?

I have been puzzled lately by a widening dissonance in Alberta politics. In our non-partisan municipal elections, we have seen the undeniable trend of electing leaders who inspire our communities to think forward, to be our better selves, and who seem to have a skill for gathering massive followings of cheerleaders and proud evangelists. Also, it seems, municipal elections last month were an indictment... read more

“…what Alison Redford taketh away….. Alison Redford giveth back?”

Well… you might say… here we go again. Since the 2012 election, I have been somewhat of a political agnostic. My experience helping build the Alberta Party into a new moderate option for Albertans was an experience I would never give back, yet one that opened my eyes to the difficulties and challenges of partisan politics. Let’s not go into the story on why it didn’t find greater success, as it... read more

The Rant of an Idealist

Tonight I write this upon reflection of unprecedented breaches of the public trust by Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, our Federal Senate and PMO’s Office and the lack of transparency of our Premier’s Office and the Alberta Legislature. Consider this the rant of an amateur idealist. Nothing more. In our daily lives we rely so much on trust in government, we forget how it impacts us. I am a... read more

The Wildrose Reinvented. Maybe it’s time?

Maybe it’s time? Yesterday the Wildrose Party of Alberta came together and laid the foundation for a more moderate policy framework, mostly by removing or clarifying their contentious social policy. It has yet to be submitted to the approval of the membership, but I think that’s a formality. By doing this, the rigid social conservatives, those who joined the party to protect ideologically based... read more

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