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Create opportunity through growth and fair profit

For the 7th time in 8 years, our company Yardstick has been recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Province by Alberta Venture Magazine. I admit that the excitement of something like this can be worn down by the years of stress, work and the constant pivoting required to maintain a rapid growth rate. Don’t get me wrong; it is a nice feeling to be recognized, as it helps with our... read more

Southgate Volkswagen & Audi Edmonton

** Updated – see the comment from the dealership below, which they suggest the listing was all a mistake. Which if true, is fair enough. Either way, glad to see the dealership respond, and hopefully no one gets stuck with the car. Maybe they should part it  out as art. I would pay $1000 for the hood. * Updated – I did talk to the dealer this morning because I really didn’t know if they... read more

Full Circle

Since I was 9 years old (seriously), I have for the most part been independent. At that age, living in a low-rental apartment just north of the “new” Heritage Mall, I used my bike to see the World. Beyond riding it through the inside of an “under construction” Heritage Mall, I would ride as far as I had the confidence to ride, and that included as far east as the Saratoga Restaurant... read more

Is Warren Buffett going crazy?

The simple answer to that question is no. Warren Buffett is perhaps one of greatest minds to have ever attempted capitalism. If you don’t believe me, I would argue his $50 Billion personal balance sheet acts as proof to the time value of money and the discipline of a buy and hold strategy in cash producing profitable companies and their shares. But his op-ed today in the New York Times has people... read more

An argument in a vacuum

It’s funny how perspective can add to an argument. When you are making an argument with no room for debate, or attempt to understand others perspective, it actually gets quite easy., which appears to be some kind of fan-inspired Ezra Levant worship site, really nails just how easy it is. You see, it seems to exist exclusively to reinforce what Levant has been arguing about the... read more

New Blog Template – Thanks to Jay Palter

I have been wanting a new blog template for some time. I Tweeted it and along came  a white knight, Jay Palter. My goal was to simply move from my old Blog Platform, Squarespace, and begin using WordPress. Squarespace was incredibly easy to use as an author, but simply didn’t give me the flexibility I wanted. I wanted to use the Disqus comment tool, as well as some other widgets like allowing people... read more

Alberta Venture FAST 50 – 5 Years in a Row

In business, next to profit, growth is everything. Without growth you lose flexibility. You lose chance to seize special opportunities, and you will struggle to create better jobs and career growth that your employees deserve for the hard work they contribute. In fact, one of our company’s corporate values, is “To create opportunity through GROWTH and fair profit.” For this reason, and... read more

Business Value – Creating Opportunity Through Growth and Fair Profit

I was a bit moved this week by something that probably most of you might have found a bit silly, or charming at best. First the back-story: Last year, myself, my business partner Don and our senior executive team, came together to establish some corporate values. You can apply your typical cynicism to these types of things. It would be natural, because I used to do the same. I suppose though, this... read more

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