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The Rant of an Idealist

Tonight I write this upon reflection of unprecedented breaches of the public trust by Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, our Federal Senate and PMO’s Office and the lack of transparency of our Premier’s Office and the Alberta Legislature. Consider this the rant of an amateur idealist. Nothing more. In our daily lives we rely so much on trust in government, we forget how it impacts us. I am a... read more

America: Because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

This video is a telling indicator of how rapid development of technology and ability by the US Military is actually doing more harm than good. Because they can do something, which might seem smart on paper, does not necessarily provide the moral gateway to do it. Yes, America can use technology to target the “heads of the snake” and use drones to kill enemy leaders. Yes, this might even kill... read more

Finally.. my words arrive on Newtown

The massacre of 20 children and 6 of their trusted overseer’s in a public setting like a school: impossible to process. It’s so easy to fall in hate with this new World. I have been wiping my eyes and wondering what is wrong with us. I have watched with sorrow and confusion as we attack each other on complicated issues. I wretch in thinking the solutions are too far from our grasp. I have also thought... read more


For the last few years I have driven through the cold winter temperatures, without gloves, feeling real and inconvenient discomfort. As I drive along, holding my hands in front of the heater vent, I curse myself for not buying a car with a heated steering wheel. I ponder what it would actually cost buy a properly engineered luxury vehicle, with heat embedded into the leather of the steering wheel; as... read more

Dophins and daughters.

The movie, The Cove, is a brilliant documentary telling the story of the much entrenched, yet universally hated, Japanese dolphin slaughter industry.  Of those who’ve watched it, most people, at least temporarily, feel the urge to storm the Japanese embassies in protest, or donate their very existence to the preservation of Dolphins in their only natural habitat…..the wild. Dolphins are smart,... read more

Real Mayors Don’t Tweet?

I recall having a meeting last winter at the Mayors office. It was a one-on-one set for 8:00 am in his boardroom, and at that time of the year, the snowfall in our city was reaching epic proportions. I made a mental note, that while waiting in his reception area, his receptionist had already taken 3 phone calls from citizens complaining about the snow banks and snow plowing in residential areas. The poor... read more

A little bit Country, a little bit Rock and Roll.

Anyone who has visited here, or follows me in any social media capacity (or even Real Life for the true originals), knows that I am one super-proud father. When I think in those terms though, I almost always mean that I am proud of my daughters.  Sure, every kid is a genius, an expert in their chosen sport, pursuit or passion. So I won’t belabor the obvious. But my kids are fantastic. However tonight, I... read more

Alberta – You have options

After this weekend’s PC leadership first ballot, a theme that seems to be emerging, is that there are now 4 Progressive parties in Alberta, and 1 truly Conservative. This is typical partisan spin, perpetuating the “Alberta is Conservative” myth many of us fall for. That said, if you see the World on a single political spectrum, then there is some truth to there being 1 Left-Wing... read more

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