“Why I am supporting Don Iveson for Mayor. Don is an idea people.”

In this city, it’s common to see uncommon success stories. Frankly, that’s why I love it here. I love big thinkers, risk takers and people who suffer from delusions of optimism, ideals, progress, and prosperity. In this City, people can challenge the odds of convention, and still build great things. This is true of business, arts, sports & culture and social enterprise. Bill Comrie was an... read more

“…what Alison Redford taketh away….. Alison Redford giveth back?”

Well… you might say… here we go again. Since the 2012 election, I have been somewhat of a political agnostic. My experience helping build the Alberta Party into a new moderate option for Albertans was an experience I would never give back, yet one that opened my eyes to the difficulties and challenges of partisan politics. Let’s not go into the story on why it didn’t find greater success, as it... read more

My thoughts on Heritage Days and the Diversity Ideal

Well…. sometimes more than 140 characters is required. Twitter erupted today regarding the “whiteness” that was our Heritage Day’s Festival Judges. Four people whom I know, in their own way, to be involved in a fight for a better city, a better province and who each frankly would reject without fail any concept of inequity amongst our wonderfully diverse citizenry. These people are... read more

A Father’s Letter to His Daughter

This Father’s day, I humbly share with you a letter I wrote for my oldest daughter as she graduated High School and embarked towards University, two years ago. I have said this before, and I mean it: Being a dad is the greatest reward I could ask for. Being a father, to daughters, is heavenly. I hope you enjoy these words. I feel they are applicable to both dads and daughters/sons. I love being a... read more

The Rant of an Idealist

Tonight I write this upon reflection of unprecedented breaches of the public trust by Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, our Federal Senate and PMO’s Office and the lack of transparency of our Premier’s Office and the Alberta Legislature. Consider this the rant of an amateur idealist. Nothing more. In our daily lives we rely so much on trust in government, we forget how it impacts us. I am a... read more

The Royal Jelly

Today Mayor Stephen Mandel announced he would not seek a fourth term as Mayor of this great City. Like many, I am grateful and a bit in awe of what he has accomplished. What he accomplished is well known, how he accomplished it however, is the story we should all learn from. In a time where politics seems to be a polarizing endeavor, he bucked the trend by building a community and council that rallied... read more

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